About us

Welcome to SmartStandard, a hallmark of quality and service in the wholesale distribution of lumber and construction materials.

Our journey began in 2001, and since then, SmartStandard has emerged as a distinguished supplier in the construction industry, renowned for our commitment to quality, customer service, and in-depth market insight.

Strategically located with multiple distribution centers across the United States, and fortified with robust import/export operations, our company excels at bringing the world's premier construction materials right to our customers' doorsteps.

We take pride in serving a diverse clientele, from the most respected professional retailers to the avid do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Our network includes independent vendors, large-scale home centers, specialized door and window outfitters, as well as moulding and millwork connoisseurs.

Our core ambition has always been to grant our clients access to the finest global construction materials. Thanks to our extensive international partnerships spanning across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Rim, Western Europe, and South America, we offer an unparalleled selection of products at competitive rates.

Innovation is in our DNA. We invest in the brightest minds and leverage cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the curve. Our mission revolves around fostering growth for our clients and suppliers alike by continually introducing revolutionary products alongside a suite of value-adding services.

SmartStandard is committed to environmental stewardship. We collaborate exclusively with manufacturers dedicated to producing sustainable, recycled, and alternative products, upholding the highest standards of environmental care.

Our support extends to suppliers who adhere to sustainable forest management, ensuring a balance between humanity’s demands and the preservation of our planet.

Join us at SmartStandard, where our dedication is not just in supplying materials, but in "Constructing Foundations for the Future".